March for Science - Ann Arbor, MI
April 22 on the Diag, 12-2 PM


The Ann Arbor March For Science will take place from noon to 2 pm on April 22, 2017. We will be starting at the Diag.

     March For Science - Ann Arbor is for anyone who is excited by science. We are more than just scientists and engineers - we are hobbyists, students, teachers, enthusiasts, and people like you.
     We are organizing a family-friendly, non-partisan, educational event to raise awareness of the contributions of science to society, and the importance of supportive public policy. We will be standing for our community, health, economy and our region's future, while demonstrating Ann Arbor's leadership in science among over 300 Marches For Science around America and across the world.
     These marches and rallies are intended to unite us within the scientific community, both degree wielding scientists and science advocates alike. From the men and women sporting PhDs to the young adolescents doing CoCoRaHS reporting and looking through backyard telescopes, and all in between, let us set aside our differences and come together as one, unified, scientific community. We believe in empirical science and that it should play a fundamental role in determining governmental policy.
     So, basically -
Do you like medicine? March.
Do you like air conditioning? March.
Do you like cars? March.
Do use the internet? March.
Do you like smart phones? March.
Do you like Velcro? March.

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Parking and Transportation
     AATA city buses have park and ride lots. They are just outside of the main campus area, serviced by the city buses, and there are tools on the site to help you plan your trip.
     If you need closer parking, there are several structures near the Diag. The one on Maynard is the closest and has elevators.
Route Map
     The rally will begin on the University of Michigan Diag at 12pm. At 1pm we will begin our march along the west side of the Hatcher Graduate Library to South University. We will turn right and follow South University to South State Street, where we will turn right again and march north. At Liberty Street, we will turn left and march to Fifth Avenue to the U. S. Federal Building. This route is approximately 1 mile in length.
     If a shorter route is desired, marchers can go northwest from the Diag towards the intersection of State St. and North University Avenue. At that point marchers can re-join the other group and continue together to the U.S. Federal Building.

     We are pleased to introduce Saturday’s finalized speaker lineup, including Haley Amemiya, Dan Ezekiel, Chiamaka Ukachukwu, Yiran Emily Liu, Representative Yousef Rabhi, and Drs. Monica Dus and Scott Barolo. In the spirit of celebrating science and our initiative to simultaneously improve the scientific community, we are certain that you will march away from Saturday’s rally encouraged by the critical lens through which these individuals highlight science’s many virtues, as well as the ways in which we can make scientific circles more inclusive moving forward.
     We strive to be inclusive to people of all abilities and identities, and have some resources and recommendations for those that may be in need of them. If you have any concerns outside of those addressed, please feel free to direct them to me in a private message and we will work to ensure your needs will be met at the march. It also helps our planning to let us know in advance if you will definitely be utilizing any of the resources listed below, but it’s not necessary.
      No forms of harassment will be tolerated. Harassment includes inappropriate verbal comments or verbal abuse, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Harassment is not always done intentionally. If anyone engages in harassing or unsafe behavior, the event staff may take any action they deem appropriate. Anyone asked to stop any harassing or unsafe behavior is expected to comply immediately. Anyone who does not comply immediately may be sanctioned or expelled from the event. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact an event staff member immediately. They will be wearing bright green March for Science shirts that say Volunteer or Organizer on the back. Event staff will be happy to help with contacting the organizers or local law enforcement; providing escorts; or otherwise assisting those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance and your safety. There will be an accessible seating section available near the front of the rally for any who are in need of it.
      If you prefer, there are single-person, gender neutral bathrooms located near the Diag in the Dana Building and in Randall Laboratory, both to the east of the Diag. You can also use to identify other gender neutral restrooms wherever you go. As organizers, we condemn harassment and discrimination based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and relationship status, and will handle harassment and discrimination complaints seriously, following the guidelines laid out above.
      We have arranged for an American Sign Language Interpreter to interpret the speeches being made during the rally from 12-1pm. The interpreter may join us in the march in interpreting chants, announcements, etc., if requested.
      We tried to choose a route that would be most accessible for everyone. We have also indicated on the route map an alternate route, if so desired. The longer route is about 0.9 mile, and the shorter route about 0.5 mile. There are several parking structures located near the end point and start point of the March, indicated on the map with a large P. There are also numerous handicap parking spaces in the street parking sections near the start and end points of the march. The March for Science Ann Arbor has not arranged any reserved parking or transportation.Along the route are a number of shops and restaurants where a person can stop to rest, and the central bus station, Blake Transit Center, is within a couple blocks of the end point of the march. The buildings surrounding the Diag are all accessible and have accessible bathrooms and quiet spaces.
      We will have volunteers available for any person that would like assistance locating restrooms, resting areas, quiet spaces, reading printed materials, or that would like a sighted guide during the march or rally. Please locate a volunteer near the steps of the Hatcher Graduate Library or by asking for help locating a volunteer or organizer in a bright green March for Science shirt.
      The march and rally will be taking place in public spaces, where service animals are allowed and welcome. There is not a designated area for Service Animal Relief or hydration, but any volunteer will be able to assist in locating water and a disposal for waste.
      There are electrical outlets available in campus buildings for any charging needs. There are also accessible bathrooms in all campus buildings. If you need assistance, please ask a volunteer, identifiable by the bright green March for Science shirts. Again, please feel free to reach out to volunteers or organizers with any needs you encounter before or during the March for Science Ann Arbor. We will be happy to assist in whatever ways we can.


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Help Out

      We are seeking marchers, volunteers, and organizers to all help make this a successful event. Help in any capacity would be much appreciated and we encourage you to reach out to us. To plan this march, we need and appreciate your support. If any money is left over after the march has ended, it will be donated to a yet-to-be-determined non-profit group that supports the quest for scientific knowledge and the curiosity of kids.


Cotton T-Shirt - $20.00
If you want your items to arrive by April 17th, you must order by April 9th. Orders for deliveries or in store pick-ups can be placed here until midnight on April 28th. All orders will be printed and ready for pickup at 2275 South Industrial Highway, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, by May 5th. All our proceeds go towards charity and apparel makes a great souvenir!